Making a boat or equipment donation is a great way to benefit nautical organizations and charities throughout Chicagoland.

The 2013 fall season replenished our inventory and we currently have great deals on a wide variety of sailboats and powerboats!

So, what can you do to help out Nautical Donations, Inc, and the organizations we support? Volunteer with us or one of them!


Nautical Donations, Inc. accepts donations of boats and then sells them or puts them into service with one or more of our charitable organizations. We also accept donations of nautical equipment that is then sold or put into service.

As a donor you can decide which participating organization or organizations will receive the proceeds of your boat donation.  The benefit to you as a donor is a tax deduction for the amount that the boat is ultimately sold for under auction.

Every March Nautical Donations, Inc. holds a flea market during Yachtapalooza, selling off donated equipment.  Yachtapalooza is sponsored by Crowley’s Yacht Yard. This is a great opportunity for the boating community to support our organizations.  We encourage boaters to clear out their garage or storage locker before the boating season gets underway. The flea market features plenty of great bargains including seldom-used equipment and hard-to-find hardware.

Nautical Donations, Inc. sells donated boats and equipment throughout the year. In the last three years, we sold 25 boats ranging in size from 21’ to 37’. Click our BOATS AND EQUIPMENT FOR SALE tab for links to our current Ebay listings.