Making a donation is a great way to benefit nautical organizations throughout Chicagoland.  Nautical Donations, Inc. works with a number of not-for-profit organizations in the Chicago area.  So, your donation to Nautical Donations, Inc. benefits local programs in the Chicago area and not programs located in another state or city.

  • Donate your boat–This is fairly self-explanatory.  If you have a boat and you don’t use it anymore or want to get rid of it for a nice tax deduction then Nautical Donations, Inc. can help.  Please contact Gary Leo at or by phone at 773.672.2080 to arrange for a boat donation.  Arrangements will need to be made for your donation so please contact us first.  Once you donate your boat it will be sold or used by one of our participating organizations.
  • Donate Equipment– You can donate boating equipment that you no longer need or use.  You can bring that equipment right down to Crowley’s Yacht Yard during regular business hours and drop off the equipment.  Someone will sign your donation form and you can get a tax deduction for the value of the equipment you donated.  Once again this equipment will be sold or used on one the vessels used by our member organizations.
  • Monetary Donations or Joining a Member Organization – It costs money to operate Nautical Donations, Inc. as well as all of our member organizations.  We gladly accept monetary donations in addition to donations of boats and equipment.  Plus, you can become a member of any of our member organizations.  Each of them has benefits and events that you will enjoy and that can help others enjoy sailing and boating in the Chicago area.  Visit our member websites for more information.

Nautical Donations, Inc. only works with organizations that promote nautical activities.  So your boat and equipment will only be used for boating programs and not for other non-boating related activities and programs.  In fact your donation benefits those local boating programs.

Making a donation is tax deductible, which is a huge benefit to you.  However, we’ve also made the paperwork involved as easy as 1,2,3.

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