So, what can you do to help out Nautical Donations
and the organizations we support?  The answer is simple:

  • Volunteer at our Annual Flea Market – Every year Nautical Donations, Inc. holds a flea market to sell items that have been donated in order to raise money for our operating costs.  You can work in a variety of areas as a volunteer.  Plus, you might be able to find some great bargains at our Flea Market.
  • Volunteer to Pick Up and/or Deliver Boats – We always need people who can help us get boats to and from Crowley’s Yacht Yard.  So if you have a trailer or way to transport boats and can volunteer your time, we can use the help.  Also, if you have boat handling skills, we can use your help.
  • Volunteer with One of our Member Organizations – All of our member organizations are not-for-profit organizations just like Nautical Donations, Inc. is.  That means they cannot only use your donations but they can use your time as well.  Please feel free to visit their websites through the links provided elsewhere on this site for how to help them.

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