Founded in 1980 to create a charity to support the sport of sailboat racing on Lake Michigan with a primary objective of assuring that racing is fair, where anyone who sailed the best race should be standing on the podium at the end of the day. To meet this, we provide education of race officials, an appeals process to assure the work done at a local event was correct, and if not, provide correction. From donations to LMSRF, we provide grants to youths to attend a certification class in order to be able to teach at sailing schools in the summer. Grants are also available to youths who attend national or international regattas away from home to help cover their expenses. Adults also may apply for grants to compete in national or international regattas to help cover their costs. The ultimate goal of these grants is that the knowledge gained away from Lake Michigan is brought back to Lake Michigan and shared with all sailors to keep the skill set of all Lake Michigan sailors up to par with the rest of the world!

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